See what people are asking about the Lheidli T’enneh Final Agreement Decision - Enrolment and Voting

Every member who is on the Enrolment Register (voter’s list) will receive a voting package in the mail. This package will include a mail-in ballot. You can choose to vote in person, or you can choose to mail in your ballot. Because you can mail in your ballot, it will not be necessary to fly members to a poll for voting.

However, a decision on whether or not to bring the members together for a general meeting prior to voting has not yet been made. We will provide plenty of notice if that is to be done.

Approval of the Final Agreement in our coming October 2016 vote will require 50 percent plus one of the enrolled voters to vote in favour of the Agreement.

When we voted on the Final Agreement in 2006, the Community Treaty Council asked for an additional requirement that more than 70 percent of enrolled voters be required to vote for the Agreement for it to be approved. That is not the case this time.

Once all of the votes have been counted, the results will be confirmed by the Chief Electoral Officer. The results of the vote will be published in the Band Office and any other locations determined by the Ratification Committee.

After the polls close, the votes will be counted by the Chief Electoral Officer in the presence of the Ratification Committee (which will be formed to oversee the voting process), as well as any eligible voters who choose to be present. The number of ballots marked YES and NO will be counted and recorded for each question.

Any member who enrols but does not cast a vote will have the effect of voting against the Final Agreement. This is because the number of votes needed to approve the Final Agreement is based on the number of members who enrol. If you support the Final Agreement, not voting will reduce the chance that it will be accepted. Even if you don’t support the Final Agreement, voting is still important to ensure that you’ve exercised your voice and your choice.

The Constitution will pass if approved by 50% + 1 of the members who vote.

You will be asked to vote on two questions:

  1. Do you approve the Lheidli T’enneh Final Agreement initialled October 29, 2006?
  2. Do you approve the Constitution of Lheidli T’enneh?

You will be asked to vote YES or NO on each question.

During the initial enrolment period, the Committee will create a list of enrolled members, which is called the Enrolment Register. This list will be published at least a month before voting.

You can check to see if you are on the Enrolment Register by checking the list, or asking the Eligibility and Enrolment Committee through the Band Office at (250) 562-0847 to get in touch with the Committee.

If you enrolled for the vote on the Final Agreement that was held in 2007, you will need to enrol again and the Enrolment Committee will be sending out application forms and help make the application process easy. In addition, the Enrolment Coordinator will be in attendance at some community meetings to hand out Application forms. You should check the Enrolment Register, once it is published, to be certain your name is on the list.

To enrol, you must complete and return an Enrolment Application form, which is available at the Band Office or at the Economic Development Office, which is located at 215 George Street, Prince George. It will also be available online. Submitted forms will be reviewed by the Enrolment Committee to ensure each applicant is eligible.

You are eligible to enrol if:

  • You are descended from Lheidli T’enneh ancestors on your mother or father’s side,
  • You are listed (or entitled to be listed) as a Lheidli T’enneh band member,
  • You were adopted under Lheidli T’enneh custom, or
  • You are an adopted child or a child of any of the above

In order to vote on the Final Agreement, a Lheidli T’enneh member must be on a list called the Enrolment Register. The Enrolment Register is an official list of Lheidli T'enneh members.

Approval of the Final Agreement requires at least 50% +1 of the enrolled voters to vote for the Agreement. In order to be able to vote on the Agreement, each member who is eligible must first enrol, or register, as a voter. Any member over the age of 16 on the date of the vote is eligible to be enrolled.

The membership of the Lheidli T’enneh voted on the Final Agreement and Constitution in 2007. The Constitution was accepted, but the Final Agreement was defeated.

After the 2007 vote, our Lheidli T’enneh leadership asked a Governance Working Group to listen, learn and understand why the Final Agreement was not accepted. While there were many reasons, many people felt they did not have enough information or knowledge about what is in the Agreement; others felt the time was not right.

The Governance Working Group was also asked to review the Agreement and explore other options that might be available. In the end, the Working Group believed that the Final Agreement provided the best way forward. They recommended, and the membership decided, that before the Final Agreement expires, the Agreement should be put to another vote.